About Me


Passionate for politics and journalism,and truth being said I haven’t stopped since my undergrad! I have been here, there and everywhere, so globe hopping is actually what I do!

I am a complicated and excessive person as you will find out if you keep up with me.


4 responses to “About Me

  1. Ana Martins

    Muitos parabéns pelo texto Callcenter – um operário em construção
    sei o que isso é…

  2. Frenchy

    Im discovering ur blog and I love it! especially ur remark on “princess wedding” 😉 Im in for the sixties party :p!!
    Just wanted to add that u’re excessively… generous, selfless and a warm (? chaleureuse!lol) person. Oh and an excellent cooker :p

    now I’ll read the rest of ur stories and learn a bit more abt ur life!
    btw, ur job sounds awesome!! congrats!
    Bisous ma fleur

  3. politics and journalism, just like me! How are you enjoying Lisbon? 🙂

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