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The Last Espresso in Luxembourg

The first Tango in Paris?

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(NOT) Getting things done…

I procrastinate horribly — not about everything, just about small, important, stuff (writing, reading, going out to buy food, sending emails to friends!) that I will really have to do eventually…

And it’s not like those things (“stuff”) will take that much time, or that I hate doing them, or that I am really busy doing something else. I just leave them pending forever and ever until I either really have to do it – because there is a deadline – or I feel ashamed because I haven’t done it (and here is the category of emails to friends!).

Procrastinating over such a simple task seems crazy — but research shows that most of us are busily not doing things every day (this is of course, even though not showing, a scientific post – of course!).

I confess that for me is difficult specially if I am at home… If I don’t go out (to work, to school, to the coffee…) I tend more and more to leave things undone. It’s not because I have a lot of fascinating things to do at home, I just can easily find things that I would apreciate to do (read a book?) or I am just too lazy to move.

This procrastination is also an all year ’round activity. In the summer is too hot, in the winter is too cold, in the spring hayfever, and in the autum is just amazing to go outside for a little and watch the leaves fall…

The only way for me to really do everything is to be under pressure… So I guess I need an agenda, and a new job! Anyone?


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Today I am proud!

The Portuguese government approved today the proposal to legalize gay marriage.

Don’t you just love it when justice prevails over discrimination disguised as conservatism?

Next step, adoption!


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A Decade in Images


Bush, and then, Obama

September 11th

The Euro

Afghanistan and, later, Iraq

Tsunami and also Katrina

Terrorism and Abu Ghraib

Harry Potter

Pope John Paul II dies and is substituted by Joseph Ratzinger/ Pope Benedict XVI

Benazir Bhutto

…and so much more…

If you wanna peek on all the issues that marked the decade – the first of 2000 – just take a look at over here and drag the ball to see the chosen events for each year!

Also check out this other website and see the images that represent each year, from 2000 to 2009.

On a personal note, think about you, and how these 10 years changed your  life, the new friends and the old ones, the events that were part of YOU, as you know it…

… and share it!

This decade brought me University, my degree and my master, several different jobs, a lot of new people, new friends, adventures and exciting discoveries, love (why not!), new countries (England, Scotland, Mexico, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Spain…) and old ones (Portugal)…

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New Year’s Resolutions

Get a job!

Create a blog and actually write!

Move out – again!

So a little bit is done! I have a new blog already, to express ideas or simply relate life as I know it.

I have to confess I am not really sure what will come out of here but I am curious…

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