The 12th of March

For me, the “Protesto da Geração à Rasca” showed people that they are not alone, that democracy lives and is more than voting every four years. It was a collective catharsis.

With or without precariousness at the centre of the labour market in mind, people gathered, and gathered, and gathered, and gathered… Until the street was ours, until we were a force with different objectives, creative, intense and bursting with happiness.

For a future, for a job, for the end of the precarious forms of labour, or just out of curiosity, to see how it was, for our retirement funds, for raising the minimum wage,for the father, the daughter, with her grandmother, a stroller , dancing, singing, laughing, crying, clapping, shouting or even silent, no one dared imagine that the voices and words would all merge into one message. There was no age limit, in fact, there were no limits intended to stifle what has been a major proof of democracy.It was a huge lesson of democracy for our rulers.

Daring to hope, daring to dream: a revolution of consciousness.

Times aren’t easy but on the 12th of March 2011, people were in the streets believing we could all make the difference! I really believe we can, all together, influence the policies being implemented, to be a strong voice and show that is time for Democracy and people to work together, it’s time for people to engage in politics and affect change, positively!

Many have decided to take a different walk on this Saturday afternoon. I believe we assisted to the growth of an enlarged conscience that acting is something that can be made by us all and I hope the 12th of March makes this unstoppable…

Among the claims and states of mind so different, “there was an aura in the air (…) a mantle of hope.”

Not even the rain swept that thirst for the word, words that were of order, which clogged the streets and liberated consciousness, proving that the will is not hoarse and many generations were tired to be silent.

No one dreams for you!


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