Why a Protest?

In my view, for our rights!

For all of us, young, new… For a job with dignity, with justice, to fight for our constitution and the rights it offers to us all.

But instead of complaining we need to understand that we don’t have a guilty in Democracy, we don’t have a THEY. In Democracy there is no you and me, there is a WE! We cannot say everything is wrong and only criticize! We have the responsibility to make a change and contribute to a better situation.

Without optimistic changes  “there was only one way  to react: it was taking the streets and showing we want to go back to the basics of democracy,”

“We could say it started with unemployment rates of 10.6% in December, with code-contributory benefits which had its application in January, the political instability, debt growth, the number of PEC’s…

Many people were feeling life itself eroding in recent years … …

I mean, there was so much that made people feel increasingly frustrated and disillusioned and angry with the direction this country was taking, with the actual direction that our life was to take.

there is a whole country that begins to deteriorate economically and socially. In the end it was this “that forced the talks to go beyond the cafe tables” and move into the social network, and then to the streets!


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