Internet, social networks and social change

Internet is a form of participative democracy! Access to information, awareness, debate … All these forms of active participation that allow us to actually capitalize the so called “armchair activism” (!) which is useful in contributing to the proliferation of information, for sharing and broaden discussions and/or opinions and positions and, above all (in my view) for contact between people with different thoughts or not, that can mobilize and contribute to a dynamic civil society – nationally and internationally.

It is therefore important to consider the role the Internet plays in global politics. Information is power, but the technology of the century sparked a revolution in information.
In recent years, the citizens’ movements, driven by the boom of social networks, are finding a way to be heard, share, social dialogue. For a few years now there has been much that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others started to contribute promoting the involvement of the people, becoming a weapon of mass mobilization.

On social networks and blogs, the countercharge started, contestation breaths (!), people join forces to protest and claims to justice. On social networks and blogs, the election campaign unfolds, debated by the people, circulated by the parties. The policy is now also done online and every one of us is a politician!
The great movements start with small groups of people online. From this moment on, the phenomenon is no longer manageable. “Who tells a tale, he adds a point,” says the ancient Portuguese culture… Well, in our “little global village online” the word is magnificent, the word is power: the friends suggest other friends and the growth of these initiatives begins! The participants organize, align ideas, debate, discuss …
Increasingly, a world beyond the screen, appears as a small gap of social control, leaving the force, pressure and lobby now (and also finally!) pending to the side of people.
We should not, however, forget that although this online world increasingly implemented in the end, people continue to be, me, you, we, all, that make the difference, which contributes to any shift in the world!


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