On the 4th of February 2011 a group of friends was at the coffee…

…having fun, discussing politics as usual, thinking about the reaction people had to the music of Deolinda – “Que parva que eu sou”.

This was only a simplistic view. People were in a precarious situation all over the country, with all sorts of backgrounds, with different ages, with different parties. Precarity was transversal and it affected me – Paula Gil, [now 27], Degree in International Relations at School of Economics, University of Coimbra, MA in International Politics and Security Studies – major in Gender at University of Bradford, UK, working since 18 to pay for my own studies and now (almost 10 years after) working as an intern – my mum – unemployed, with a son and working 40 hours a week in a programme of the government for unemployed people, substituting a technician to whom r«the state would have to pay at least 980€ per month, – my brother is unemployed and looking for a job, and my grandmother, retired…

We knew similar histories from our friends, from friends of friends, so when we saw the reaction of the public when listening to the song for the first time: they laughed, cried, gave a standing ovation, we understood it was a transversal situation to the people in Portugal. Even if indirectly it affected everyone!

And so did Portugal! Suddenly we understood we were all thinking the same, suddenly we have grown a conscience, suddenly the “talk at the café” all the Portuguese have, at all the cafés, was in the street!


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