This is a 5 in 1 post! – Delirious of a working girl!

This is a 5 in 1 post and with this I mean I will be sharing a series of thoughts related to the past few weeks.

My life has been quite busy thus I had no time to pass by and tell you the news. I am currently part of the organizing team of an exhibition which is meant to be ready in 10 days. But let me mention that we only had 1 month to organize everything! So I haven’t been sleeping 8hours a night…

With this I am hoping to explain the following troubled thoughts – which have nothing to do with the exhibition per se.

How summer makes you hate people:

I am a girl, but this has nothing to do with naked bodies, thin and sexy girls in bikini. Instead…

If there is something important while on holiday, this is that you know the state of things when you left. And the worse people back home feel / are the best our holidays become. To turn away from routine, by itself, does not seem to get that emotional comfort, people need the feeling “Gosh, I am glad I left”!

So people torment you! They call you at work, ask you how you are doing, tell you they are at the beach and it is TRULY hot. Of course you know this as you are at work, in the same country, with the same 40 degrees. But you are not at the beach!

Then, people tell you about the nice and chilled pint they are drinking, and how amazing the last night was, and at the end, they finish (placing the cherry at the very top of the cake!) by saying:

– OH! You are at work? Really?! I am sorry to disturb, I’ll call later. B-Bye…


I was watching a show called “Say Yes To The Dress” and feeling a bit confused with all those brides. This is not a program that captivates me particularly, but being a woman, I like the idea of buying a dress for €5,000 (NOT) and it turns out to entertain myself when I’m half asleep. Never had a dream wedding at the church with 300 people dressed in tails and giant. I always imagined a time when two people, in a momentum of utter irrationality, and the rest we’ll see. A marriage of a certain style: drank-three-tequillas/whiskyes(still undecided)-at-breakfast-and-it-happened. It gives me a good story for a lifetime, and a concern if I decide to ever have children and explain them why they shouldn’t act on impulse [while drunk]. OR the occasional sixties party, with sixties music, and everyone dressed with sixties style could also be a nice idea…

At the end of the program a speaker said “princess for a day and wife for the rest of her life.” And I questioned myself in the middle of feminism and the struggle for equality, even after all this is it that what they want. Is it? The women still dream of princesses weddings these days? Girls, now say there of your righteousness …

This Portuguese sidewalk kills my (self) shoes

I like that traditions remain, and I like the details that make up our identity. I am not against changing things, I understand we’ve gone from horse-drawn carriages to engines and exhaust-filled carbon dioxide emissions. Although the previous are much cuter.

In that sense, I think that we should continue the tradition of Portuguese sidewalk rather than pave the streets with cement. And I know it must be costly to put it all at hand, pebble by pebble.

But allow me on this idea I have everytime I need to go to work! I don’t know if the state, when preparing budgets for the recovery of the streets, should add a paragraph which provides for an extra budget to pay shoemakers. It’s just that I can not even make thejourney from home to work in high heels which I must (the journey and the high heels) at least for the tyme being.

Small dilemmas of day-to-day or having a bad day and becoming mean Paula

What is the etiquette by which we should govern when we are in a supermarket checkout with priority for pregnant women or carrying infants, and we cannot uncover if the woman behind us in line is expecting a baby or just overweight?

And to finish this small odyssey

Today when I finished lunch I threw the glass cup in the bin and put the napkin in the dishwasher. This week promises …

See you soon! 🙂


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