New city, new Life

After a period of a month – an entire month without sharing the new adventures with friends around the globe! – here I am, back again, and in a new city – of course! 


Globe hopping was actually quite a good name for this blog. It is quite impresseive I am never writing from the same place! 

What can I say? My whereabouts change constantly! 

So, well, new update! 

I am now in Lisbon – the Empire Capital (not from Star Wars, but Portugal instead!) – and the weather has been amazing: sun, hot, dry… Not today though I got to work completely soaked – yes, WORK! We will speak about that soon enough! 

So as I was saying, I arrived 3 weeks ago on a Saturday and started working on my new job on the 17th of May – I had no house so I kind camped on some friends’ living room for a week! 

I am working and doing everything I am told to and is needed (translations, reports, press corps, etc) and for the moment, really enjoying the adrenaline. We will see in a few weeks, after my bateries run out, how it goes! 

I have now rented a house in a very typical area  called Alfama, known for Fado, sardines and genuine people – my landlord also told me that it is the oldest neighbourhood in Portugal but of course we know that could not be true: portuguese history tells us that the conquest of the country started in the NORTH and I am quite sure there were houses and people there! Anyway… 


The house is amazing and it is now MINE so do come and visit!The Ikea furniture is all set, after many days working hard, and everything is fully functional! 

Ah, my dog was also tranfered to Lisbon and she is now fully adapted! 

Fox enjoying the sun

Fox enjoying the sun


This weekend there is a party around the streets of Lisbon – the Santo António – where people celebrate the saint by eating sardines, drinking, dancing all night long… I am quite sure there should be a religious part to it but I don’t know it so I can’t explain, and well it is easier to make everyone jealous by the previous description! I will deepen my investigation during the weekend and let you know as soon as I am able to stand!  






note: to read about Fado go to: and to listen check: (from Lisbon), and another kind (from Coimbra) 




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2 responses to “New city, new Life

  1. Matt

    OMG I love your dog! lol what is s/he named?
    How long are you in Lisbon for and can we party in the streets when I come to visit!
    Can’t wait to see you and your Ikea furniture! 🙂 x

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