Just a small update on life

I know I haven’t been here in a while, and I know it’s all my fault, and for that I apologise…

and know for the excuses:

– I have no internet!

– I am back to Portugal and looking for a job (that is soon coming to me – I hope!).

– As so I have no money – or at least not much – and no way of coming to the internet that often

But I still miss everyone from Bradford to Luxembourg!

Thus I have been SUNBATHING 🙂 – I have now a very healthy colour 🙂 (amazing 25 degrees C in April!!!)  – READING a lot, and going out with my amazing portuguese friends whom I missed so, so, so, SO much.

And that is life for me at the moment!

So don’t worry my lovely friends I am fine and now missing you!



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3 responses to “Just a small update on life

  1. Ezequiel

    Ainda bem que existe as ferramentas de idiomas do Google!!! kkkkk
    Mas nada como estar em casa, não é?!
    E este emprego já está a demorar, não acha?? rsrs
    Uma pequena curiosidade… kkkkk… quem é o “my lovely friends” ???

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