(NOT) Getting things done…

I procrastinate horribly — not about everything, just about small, important, stuff (writing, reading, going out to buy food, sending emails to friends!) that I will really have to do eventually…

And it’s not like those things (“stuff”) will take that much time, or that I hate doing them, or that I am really busy doing something else. I just leave them pending forever and ever until I either really have to do it – because there is a deadline – or I feel ashamed because I haven’t done it (and here is the category of emails to friends!).

Procrastinating over such a simple task seems crazy — but research shows that most of us are busily not doing things every day (this is of course, even though not showing, a scientific post – of course!).

I confess that for me is difficult specially if I am at home… If I don’t go out (to work, to school, to the coffee…) I tend more and more to leave things undone. It’s not because I have a lot of fascinating things to do at home, I just can easily find things that I would apreciate to do (read a book?) or I am just too lazy to move.

This procrastination is also an all year ’round activity. In the summer is too hot, in the winter is too cold, in the spring hayfever, and in the autum is just amazing to go outside for a little and watch the leaves fall…

The only way for me to really do everything is to be under pressure… So I guess I need an agenda, and a new job! Anyone?



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4 responses to “(NOT) Getting things done…

  1. ezequiel

    Eh tao ruim naum entender nadinha do q ta escrito!!!

  2. Raul Botellero

    A mim acontece-me isso com os teus posts, eehehehehe.


  3. compartilho totalmente do mesmo exato problema.

    procrastinators unite!

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