A Decade in Images


Bush, and then, Obama

September 11th

The Euro

Afghanistan and, later, Iraq

Tsunami and also Katrina

Terrorism and Abu Ghraib

Harry Potter

Pope John Paul II dies and is substituted by Joseph Ratzinger/ Pope Benedict XVI

Benazir Bhutto

…and so much more…

If you wanna peek on all the issues that marked the decade – the first of 2000 – just take a look at over here and drag the ball to see the chosen events for each year!

Also check out this other website and see the images that represent each year, from 2000 to 2009.

On a personal note, think about you, and how these 10 years changed your  life, the new friends and the old ones, the events that were part of YOU, as you know it…

… and share it!

This decade brought me University, my degree and my master, several different jobs, a lot of new people, new friends, adventures and exciting discoveries, love (why not!), new countries (England, Scotland, Mexico, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Spain…) and old ones (Portugal)…


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